Friday, April 12, 2024
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West Berkshire Lottery celebrates another £2,000 win

West Berkshire Lottery has announced a new winner of £2,000 – the sixth person to scoop the two grand cash prize in the lottery’s weekly draw. Set up and managed by West Berkshire Council, the lottery provides a free online platform and marketing materials to not-for-profit organisations, including Kennet Radio, to help them raise funds for valuable community services.

The lucky £2,000 winner, who supports the Newbury District Primary Schools Football Association, said:

I chose to support Newbury District Primary Schools Football Association not only because my husband, many years ago, played for Newbury Schools but also I believe, by drawing on my own experiences, sport has many benefits. These are not only physically and mentally, but also helping to build long-time friendships. Therefore given the opportunity to help raise money on a local level, and to hopefully help a new young and upcoming player to progress to a higher level, to me it was an easy decision to make and participate in the scheme.

Newbury District Primary Schools Football Association is responsible for organising the Primary School Football within the Newbury District area. Each year the football association offers 10 competitions for their 68 member schools to compete in. These competitions include events for boys, girls, and all children of primary school age.

In addition, each year 12 boys from year 5 or 6 are selected to represent the District in the U11 representative team who compete in 4 leagues across the south of England and in Wales. The representative team also takes part in an annual football festival in Jersey during the Easter Holidays.

Mr. Adam Page, Sports Coordinator for Newbury District Primary Schools Football Association, added:

It is great news that one of our supporters has landed a big win! We first heard about the West Berkshire Lottery through advertising on social media and word of mouth from some West Berkshire Council employees. Since joining the Lottery we have used to funds raised to pay for referee fees, venue hire and medals or trophies for our school competitions. We have an ambitious dream to save enough money to build our own clubhouse and hope that the Lottery will help us raise valuable funds.

If anyone else is considering joining the Lottery I would strongly recommend it. Several of our supporters have had wins from free tickets, small amounts of money and now the big win with £2,000!

West Berkshire Lottery is an online sustainable fundraising solution provided by West Berkshire Council with no upfront costs. The lottery is helping 132 local charities and voluntary organisations to diversify their fundraising streams and enable year-round fundraising in a safe, fun and effective way.

Players of the West Berkshire Lottery have raised more than £130,000 for the local community since the lottery launched in March 2019. Lottery players choose a good cause to receive 50p out of each £1 ticket they purchase, and an additional 10p from the ticket sale is put into the local community good cause fund.  This support has been particularly valued by local charities raising funds during the pandemic.

More than £41,500 has been given away in prize winnings to players in the last two years. Players have the chance to win weekly cash prizes up to the £25,000 jackpot for just £1 per ticket from the West Berkshire Lottery website:  A draw takes place every Saturday and a 6 digit winning combination will be picked. Prizes will be given to players with tickets that match the first or last 2-6 numbers from the winning combination. Match all 6 and the ticket holder wins the £25,000 jackpot. Winners are notified by email.

You can support Kennet Radio by joining the lottery here.