Friday, June 14, 2024

Radio Ad Script Writing and Production Tips

Radio Ad Script and Production Tips

  • Ideally, the script for your radio ad should be simple and include one primary message. Don’t confuse the listener with too many messages.

  • Mention as much as you can about what you are advertising and don’t waffle.

  • Place the thing you are advertising at the start or finish of the ad (both if possible but if you have to choose, go for the end – it’s the last thing a listener will remember).

  • Create a picture in the listeners’ mind. The beauty of radio is that the listener creates their own experience and images in their mind.

  • Use emotions.  Make use of something that will evoke a happy emotion, to associate with your product in your radio ad.  It could be the sound of bacon frying or a baby giggling as long as it’s relevant.

  • An instrumental music bed is better than identifiable music.  Listeners will sing along to the music, if they know it, rather than listening to your message.

  • Multiple voice-over artists will help add light and shade to your radio ad.

  • Remember to give a contact method at least once (and repeat it 2 or 3 times if time will allow).

  • Finally, remember:  one radio ad, one radio message. Keep it simple!

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