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If your musical tastes are inclined towards folk, roots and Americana, Kennet Radio has programmes just for you every month, produced by Stephen Ottner:-

  • Folk Ace Guest: Presented by Stephen Ottner with a guest selecting the music and chatting about music in their life.
    8pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month:  Latest programme here with Murray Grainger
    Next 14th September with Saskia Griffiths-Moore who, early in her career, could be seen busking te streets of Newbury
  • Folk Ace Gigs Guide: Presented by Stephen Ottner.  Your guide to gigs coming in the next month in the area bounded by Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Swindon.  Gigs are making a return after the lockdowns.
    8pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month:  Latest programme here with a mix of music on offer at gigs and new releases. 
    Next 28th September
  • Gigs @ ACE Space:  Recorded and mixed by Mark Stafford.  Highlights from a gig at ACE Space.
    11pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month: Latest programme here Chris Jagger
    Due to the lack of gigs in the last year+ the stock of recordings has been exhausted.  We revive the programme after gigs return to ACE Space
  • Shire Folk Showcase: Presented by Jonathon Roscoe & Graham Hobbs assisted by Stephen Ottner.  The co-editors of Shire Folk magazine bring you their pick of the latest CD’s (recently or not yet released).
    Quarterly, 9pm on the 5th Wednesday of the month: Latest programme here Plus the Shire Folk Best Of 2020
    Next 30th June
  • ACE Space Special: Presented by Chris Martin, Richard Markham & Stephen Ottner. An annual celebration of gigs at ACE Space, looking back at the year past and forward to the year ahead:  2020 and 2021 —- 2019 and 2020

For full details of broadcast dates/times, check the Kennet Radio schedule.  Stephen would love to hear from you with your thoughts on any of the programmes or suggestions for the future.  Email [email protected]

gigs @ ACE Space recorded and edited by Mark Stafford:

Guests who have already joined Stephen in the Kennet Radio studio can be found (and heard) here:

  • Marcel Becker – double bass with the Liverpool Philharmonic and Klezmer-ish
  • Andrew Bumphrey – promoter Marlborough Folk Roots, bringing the finest folk acts to Marlborough since 1999 
  • Daisy Chapman – singer/songwriter from Trowbridge
  • Duncan Chappell –  promoter Big Ginger Tom Music with gigs at Harwell Village Hall 
  • Peter Clark – Newbury resident with a passion for the banjo (and motorbikes)
  • Charlie Dore multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, comedy-improv.  Talking about her album ‘Like Animals’ here
  • Digweeds – twins Dan and Tom.  Newbury based musicians and teachers 
  • Roz Firth – Froxfield based musician with a huge YouTube following
  • Murray Grainger – One of the UK’s foremost accordionists embracing classical, folk, improvisation.  Part 1 the start of his musical journey; Part 2 move into folk and some examples of his projects
  • Brian Harrington – Newbury Weekly News gigs reviewer, Kennet Radio presenter
  • Maia Hendrickx – Newbury based musician and vocal coach.  Half of HendrickxRoy
  • Megan Henwood – Oxford based musician
  • Joe Hicks – Newbury based musician 
  • Graham Hobbs – Co-editor Shire Folk magazine
  • John Hocking – TwickFolk sound and booking
  • Gerry Hogan – Newbury based slide-guitarist with a worldwide reputation
  • Paul Hutchinson – Kevil based composer and accordionist of Belshazzar’s Feast, Pagoda Project, Hover The Dog, The Maniacs
  • Paul James – Local musician, member of Blowzabella and Paul James & The Drowned Lovers
  • Mike Jolliffe – Newbury based music lover and supporter of live music
  • Louise Jordan – singer/songwriter/educator with a passionate for history and revealing the stories of some remarkable women from the past
  • Adam Kotz – Newbury based actor, musician and chairman of ACE Space
  • Cat McGill – Festival Director Folk Weekend: Oxford
  • Ant Miles – Director of booking agency Fancourt Music, chairman of Downend Folk Club, member of Road Not Taken
  • Beth Parker – Andover based musician half of Ma Polaine’s Great Decline
  • The People Versus (Jack Wilkinson & Alice Edwards) – Two members of the Oxford based 6 piece band
  • Katherine Priddy – singer/songwriter whose debt EP was named as “Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year” by Richard Thompson in MOJO magazine
  • Patrick Quinn – Organiser of Celtic Connections on Campus.  Programmes from material recorded at CCoC can heard here and here
  • Jonathan RoscoeCo-editor Shire Folk magazine
  • Calum RoyNewbury based musician.  Half of HendrickxRoy
  • Chris Samuel – choir leader, member of The Spooky Men’s Chorale
  • Sparrow – member of The Resonant Rogues from Ashville, North Caroliona
  • Paul Sartin – Whitchurch based musician, Bellowhead, Bellshazzar’sFeast, Faustus.  Music director Andover Loft Choir
  • Steady Habits (Sean Duggan, Jamie Dawson, Dave Kelly) – Members of Oxford based Americana/Country band (formerly of Loud Mountains)
  • Geoff Smith – Promoter ‘Oxford Music & Folk’
  • Mark T – Thatcham based musician
  • Ange Takats – Australian Andover(ish) based musician
  • Loudon Temple – Scottish agent who has brought more than 40 bands from America to the UK
  • Tony Trigwell-Jones – former Artistic Director of Arlington Arts now teacher at Mary Hare school
  • Mike Trottman – promoter Empty Rooms Promotions with gigs around Oxford and Witney
  • Blánid Vox – Irish musician who was based in Newbury before moving to London
  • Jon Wilks – Whitchurch based musician and music journalist
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