Kennet Radio looks to expand coverage to Hungerford

After two years of broadcasting our community radio service to Newbury and Thatcham, we would like to embrace Hungerford as part of our coverage area. 

Will you support us? 

Several of our volunteer presenters come from Hungerford, and we already work closely with Hungerford Town Council and the Town and Manor on a number of events, such as the Christmas Lights Switch-on, so embracing Hungerford seems a natural progression.  

Local Support

We have to get Ofcom to approve the coverage extension, and to do that, we have to show Ofcom that we have the support of you, the Hungerford community.

The support we have already received is amazing.

We are delighted to have received letters of support from Hungerford Town Council, the Town and Manor of Hungerford, Hungerford Town FC, Hungerford Chamber of Commerce, the District Councillors representing the Hungerford area on West Berkshire Council, and the Leader of West Berkshire Council.  We have also received letters of support from Greenham Trust and Sovereign.

This is where you can help!   

If you would like to support our application, please fill in the survey form below, or email, or write to Julian Swift-Hook, Kennet Community Radio, Broadway House, Northbrook Street, Newbury RG14 1BA. 

If you write a letter, an electronic version attached to an email would be very helpful, if that’s possible. 

If not, could you email so that we know to look out for your letter?

About us

Kennet Community Radio is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that currently broadcasts 24/7/365 to Newbury and Thatcham on FM.  More information is here:

As a community radio station, our remit is to provide listeners with something that is not otherwise available on their radio dial, to provide what Ofcom call “social gain” (in other words, our listeners have to be better off for the fact that we broadcasting to them) and to support and engage with the community.

Strict Income Controls

We are all volunteers – no one gets paid at Kennet Radio.  Our  Community Radio broadcasting licence requires that a minimum of 25% of our annual income comes from grants and donations.  We are able to sell on-air advertising as well, as long as it doesn’t exceed 50% of our total annual income.

This, along with other rules,  is so that community radio stations cannot turn into commercial radio stations.

We are very lucky to enjoy the support of Greenham Trust, without whose patronage Kennet Radio would not exist.  We are also very fortunate to have the support of Grass Valley (formerly Quantel), who currently sponsor us by hosting our transmitter and aerial which covers Newbury and Thatcham.

We are currently talking to various community organisations in Hungerford about the possibility of hosting a Kennet Radio transmitter in Hungerford with their support .  Hopefully we will be in a position to say more on this shortly.

Businesses:  Low Cost Effective Radio Advertising

Because our radio service is focused on West Berkshire, the rates we are able to charge for advertising are very low compared to larger commercial radio stations who cover wider areas. 

As a result, local businesses find that advertising with Kennet Radio represents excellent value for money because they are not paying to advertise to people outside the area. 

Additionally, they know that money spent with Kennet Radio goes to support a worthwhile community organisation.    

For more information on advertising with Kennet Radio, go to or call 01635 780880.

How long will it take?

Ofcom is a government organisation, and as we all know, government organisations don’t move quickly at the best of times!

Given the current public health crisis, everyone has priorities that are out of the ordinary, so it may take several months before we are able to take the next steps.  There are also technical issues to be resolved as well, of course.

But this is the starting point – so please let us know what you think!   

Survey Form

One way you can let us know what you think is by filling in this short survey.  




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