Saturday, July 20, 2024

Running for a worthy cause

Running a half marathon on your birthday is not everyone’s idea of fun maybe. Running a half marathon on your 70th birthday might seem even worse. 

But that is what Malcolm Hannington from Thatcham is planning on doing on July 20th. Malcolm sadly lost his wife Josie to cancer on Xmas Eve last year and wants to say thank you to Newbury Cancer Care for all that they did for them both.

Malcolm said:

A lot of people knew Josie a long time, within the tennis club she would always be at the championship and end of season dinners, AGM she was always there doing her bit, even in December when she was not that well she came along to the memorial hall where we entertained a team from Shinfield.
I am trying to do something to mark my 70th birthday but also give something back. I know you have all given a lot recently and it has been all about Corona virus but Cancer is horrible. Josie was so brave with it and never complained, how I don’t know. 
Please support me by clicking on my link below, I love reading your comments and they will inspire me to go the distance. You can check in from time to time to check on my progress and training leading up to the big day.
Malcolm is no stranger to running, being a regular at Newbury Parkrun, posting very good times as well as the annual Thatcham Santa Run.
As you will see from the picture, Malcolm will certainly turn heads as he runs through the streets of Thatcham on the day.
Those wishing to donate can do so at the following website:
We are hoping to chat to Malcolm on Saturday Sport before this great endeavour.