Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Young people in Newbury – have your say!

Newbury Town Council is reaching out to young people to take part in a short survey to have their say on matters that affect them. 

In a bid to help improve services to young people in the town, the Council intends to start a conversation involving young people to share their views, ideas and opinions to influence future activities, events and opportunities in and around Newbury. 

The survey asks young people to name three things which Newbury could do, or do better, for young people living in the town, with the intention to work with the Council in making changes for the better and that the views of young people can be addressed. 

The launch of the survey is being supported by Berkshire Youth. David Seward, CEO, said:

Berkshire Youth are really excited to be supporting this survey. It is so important that Young People can feel part of the town and having a hand in the vision for the future is essential, Newbury is a great place to grow up but could be even better if we embrace the views of all the citizens of the town. This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved and we encourage all children and young people to participate.                                                                                                      

Martin Colston, Leader of the Council, said:

The Town Council is very concerned about the significant cuts in youth services over the last few years. That’s why our strategy provides much needed support for organisations that deliver youth work in Newbury. In addition to youth work we want to understand what our young people would most like Newbury to do or provide for them, and that’s why we’re launching this simple survey. I’m really looking forward to hearing what our young people would really like. 

All young people are being encouraged to take part in this survey and share their feedback, good or bad, by following the link below: