Tuesday, May 21, 2024

West Berks Men in the final of the Denny Plate

History was made on Saturday, 10th March when the West Berks Men bowled their way into the final of the national Denny Plate competition with a victory over Hounslow IBC. Congratulations to the team on this outstanding achievement, a first for West Berks.

Following the Denny Plate format, two rinks were played at West Berks and two away at Hounslow over 21 ends. The match was close throughout and at 20 ends West Berks were ahead by one shot at 79-78. On the last end Hounslow were holding 4 shots with one West Berks bowl to play.

Not one to succumb to pressure, Martyn Chant prepared to deliver his bowl. Martyn, able to cut the deficit down to one shot brought the score level (79 all) forcing an extra end to be played by Gordon Ballantyne’s rink at Hounslow. Nerves were on edge at West Berks and Hounslow as the two clubs waited to see who would go through to the final, nail biting stuff.

Fortunately for West Berks, lead Mike Blizzard delivered a front toucher with his second bowl which stayed put throughout the end and proved to be the winning shot.

West Berks won through to the final by 80 shots to 79 !

Commiserations to Hounslow IBC, a strong side, who played the match in good spirit.

The Final of the EIBA National Championship Denny Plate is to be played at Nottingham IBC, Sunday 8th April at 1.30pm between West Berks IBC and South Shields IBC. A coach has been organised to take the West Berks players and supporters with further details available from the club or their website http://www.wbibc.co.uk/

In return, the Club would like to say,

‘Well done, chaps. You’re in the Final!’