Monday, May 27, 2024

2,500 houses in North East Thatcham – “not the right solution for Thatcham or West Berkshire”

This week’s Saturday Chatterday programme contained an interview with Councillor Lee Dillon which had a section on the 2500 proposed new homes in North East Thatcham.

During the segment, Cllr Dillon said he is concerned about the proposal. He described the proposed development as on a “massive scale”, which will mean an increase in approximately 25% in the number of dwellings in Thatcham. He said that it will be too much development for the town “in one go” and that it is not the right solution for Thatcham or for West Berkshire.

More widely, Cllr Dillon said that the unique geography of West Berkshire raises questions about the allocation of housing numbers to the district and that if these questions are not resolved, we could end up with a contiguous suburban development joining up Reading, Thatcham and Newbury along the A4 corridor.

You can hear the interview segment by clicking below:

West Berkshire Council have replied with the following statement:

“The proposal in the Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation was for 1,250 houses to be included in the plan period up to 2036 at North East Thatcham.  Then the potential of a further 1,250 to be provided after this time but this would also include the land for a new secondary school, two new primary schools and a new formal country park.

500 of these house would be affordable houses.

The Council is still considering the Local Plan Review which will be subject to further consultation and an examination in public at which the issues raised regarding development in West Berkshire and Thatcham will be thoroughly considered.”