Saturday, June 22, 2024

Volunteers plant NHS Commemorative Garden

There’s a new garden dedicated to the NHS at the Old Hospital Green, Andover Road in Newbury. Newbury Town Council’s Council’s Green Spaces Working Group led a team of volunteers in planting plants, herbs, and shrubs which are widely known for their medicinal qualities.

The scheme was designed by local resident and garden designer, Fran Lawton who said, “The idea of a medicinal garden on the site of the old hospital was a very natural decision.  To keep up with this theme the layout of the garden was inspired by antibodies.  The inherent shape of the antibodies allows the immune system to defend and protect the body”.

An interpretation board will soon show the plants & their medicinal uses.

Throughout the year there will be a need for watering, weed management, and cutting back the growth. An initial ‘Weeding & Care Day’ will be held on Sunday 6 June.  Anyone interested in helping out should contact Parks & Open Spaces Officer, James Heasman at the Town Council ([email protected]), who is seeking volunteers to form a Community Group in the future to help care for the garden.

The Town Council discourages access to these plants without suitable supervision, and states that the properties and use of any herbal plant need to be correctly understood.

Earlier in the year, Newbury Town Council requested the views of local residents with regards to the plan.  The majority of the responses received were favourable.

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council said, “We are pleased to have been able to commemorate the NHS in this way, by remembering the past year and the continuing work being done throughout the pandemic. The garden is open for everyone to see, and we will be looking for volunteers to continue to support this project in the future”.

For more information, contact David Ingram, contact David Ingram, Community Services Manager,  [email protected] on 01635 780208, or James Heasman, Parks & Open Spaces Officer,  [email protected] on 07775 434475.