Saturday, July 20, 2024

They did it!  St Lawrence’s remodel is done

The major remodelling of St Lawrence’s church in Hungerford is complete, officially opened and very nearly paid for.

Bishop Olivia, bishop of Reading, attended a special communion service on Sunday morning to celebrate completion of the £810,000 project and cut the ribbon to declare the new meeting rooms, play area and kitchen officially open.  Hungerford was properly represented by trustees from Town and Manor and Hungerford town councillors, alongside builders Feltham, who worked tirelessly with the church warden and others to make the project happen on time and on budget, and a full congregation, who practically lifted the roof off with their singing.

This major project to create a more modern space for the many events and clubs that St Lawrence’s already supports, plus new ones that can now come in, also makes the main space a bit smaller – less to heat in the winter!  The project has had massive support from local charities, such as the Greenham Trust, from St Nicholas in Newbury and other historical society and other gifts.  The congregation also played its part, contributing a quarter of the funds.  There’s still a bit to go plus, with a large chunk of funds coming from St Lawrence’s own investments, the next effort will be to rebuild some financial cushion.

Visitors to what is a beautiful and light opening up of the church’s west end are most welcome.

Photo by kind permission of St Lawrence’s Church