Saturday, July 20, 2024

Liberal Democrat candidate in Newbury

Lee Dillon, 41, is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Newbury. He works as a social housing senior manager, and was until recently the leader of West Berkshire Council.

1:   What made you run for office?

Growing up in the constituency I saw decisions being made about our area without local opinions being taken on board and I wanted to help that voice be heard. Now in this election I believe that we need an MP that speaks, lives and votes for our values. Protecting the most vulnerable, being fair and caring for our environment.

2:  Do you have family/partner and what do they think of you running for Parliament?

I have been elected as a Councillor since I was 21 so the family have grown up with me being involved in politics. My wife and children know the positive difference we make and are fully behind me (even helping with some deliveries of leaflets!) My 11 old son, like all children is now getting a bit embarrassed being in photos though!

3:  When did your interest in politics take hold?

My father was a Trade Union official so poltics has always been talked about in my family and I use to go to London with my Dad on marches and demos in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

4: Why do you think people will vote for you/your party?

I am a local person who has been active in my community for over 20 years. I went to school locally and my children do too. Living the same experience as many others in Newbury will enable me to really represent our area.

And on policy a recent YouGov poll has showed that the 7 most popular policies across all parties are from the Lib Dems. We have listened to what residents need and have reflected this in our fully costed manifesto. We are also backed by organisations like Shelter on our housing policy and the Sutton Trust on our education policies.

5:  Beating the campaign trail means you are speaking to people on the doorstep.  What are they saying to you?

People are telling me that they want to see the NHS back to its best, a government that focuses on people needs and that can be trusted to stand up to the water companies and take action. They want an MP that listens and they want a more collaborative approach to politics.

6:   What does a vote for you mean?

A vote for me is the only way we can get rid of this government that has lied, broken the law and put themselves before the country. As our MP I will be a strong voice in Parliament for our area and I will campaign on issue that matter to out residents. I will use my time in Parliamnet to hold the government to account, like I did to the Tory council here for years and will table amendments to laws to create a fairer more progressive society.