Friday, June 14, 2024

‘Should have been gone long ago’ – Lib Dems react to Prime Minister’s resignation

Commenting on the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned, Lee Dillon, the Liberal Democrats’ Parliamentary Spokesperson for Newbury, said:

“This news will come as a great relief to many, but in truth Boris Johnson should have been gone long ago. His disregard for our country’s democratic traditions has been apparent for some time, and it is a stain on the Conservative party as a whole that they took this long to act.

Over the past few months the silence on Boris Johnson’s behaviour from Newbury’s Conservative MP and councillors has been deafening, and it was noticeable how it was only once the writing was on the wall for the Prime Minister that they chose to speak out.

This is not the sort of leadership we should expect from our elected politicians, who have consistently put party ahead of country these past few months.

The people of Newbury have noticed – they tell us time and again they are fed up with with being taken for granted by the Conservatives. It’s no wonder recent polls have shown the Liberal Democrats are in striking distance of winning here next time.

West Berkshire and the wider country is in desperate need of honest leadership – and it is clear that the Conservatives are incapable of offering it.”