Saturday, June 22, 2024

Our MP backs Rishi Sunak for the Conservative leadership

Newbury MP Laura Farris has weighed in for Rishi Sunak’s bid to become Prime Minister.

Speaking on BBC Politics Live, she said: “I had been thinking for some weeks about who I would support if there was a leadership contest, and this weekend I reflected on what my priorities were and where I thought we needed to be, and I made the decision on my own.

“The greatest challenge facing the country at the moment is economic, and I did think that the most skilled economist was going to have a natural advantage.

“It was very compelling that the last time we had an economic crisis with Covid, he was the chancellor, but was brand new in the job. He did it with imagination and dexterity, he put the furlough scheme in place rapidly and I found all of that impressive. I think my constituents like him too.”