Thursday, July 25, 2024

Photo Special – Kennet Radio at the Retrofestival

Revelling, riotous and rather romantic, it was all totally retro.  Vintage trucks and cars, vintage clothes, yesteryear hair-dos, old-fashioned fairground fun, and olden-days music, dance and bands.  The Newbury Retro Festival, our annual nostalgia fest, was here again this weekend.  What fun!

This year, there were three major stages, alongside other performance platforms, displays of army vehicles (including a feature of Vietnam war types), a massive shopping village (all things retro), and some good eating and drinking options.  As well as the classic fun fair, including a massive big wheel, there was a high-rev “Wall of Death” for the very brave.

We were there, too, with Kennet Radio live broadcasts and playing a constant stream of retro classics.  We’ve enjoyed the conversations, the waves and shout-outs from hundreds of passersby, and we’ve were wowed by the outfits, the jive (performed in exchange for the record the couple wanted played), the voices and the spontaneous disco of our visiting guests.  A great time was had by all!

The exciting photos below of the event were taken by Kennet Radio volunteers Stella Coulthurst, Ray Wilton and Brian Harrington: