Thursday, July 25, 2024

Newbury Talks: Dr Chris Crowe – Astrophysics of Sci-Fi

A capacity crowd came out last Sunday (8th October) to enjoy Dr Chris Crowe’s talk on the Astrophysics of Sci-Fi – a really positive milestone for the Newbury Talks project.

Chris Crowe, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, presented brain-exploding concepts with clarity and humour – a real treat. He related real world facts and examples to all the best Star Wars and Star Trek concepts, such as alien encounters, warp drives and teleportation  – which he deftly explained relates to quantum entanglement and was achieved by scientists from Delft in 2015 with a single electron. Beam me up Scotty!

The next Newbury Talk will be on Sunday 5th November and is from Alistair Coleman of BBC Monitoring, who will be talking all things North Korea. Alistair has worked at BBC Monitoring for over 25 years, which watches and analyses the world’s open source media.

Alistair specialises in studying media behaviour in North Korea for significant changes in tone that could betray changes in policy. With the febrile atmosphere developing between PyongYang and Washington. This talk will probably be very well-attended, so turn up early to ensure a seat!

LOCATION: Balcony Bar of the Corn Exchange

DATE: Sunday 5th November 2017