Friday, June 14, 2024

Farris ‘appalled’ by Pincher

Newbury MP Laura Farris says she is appalled that a known ‘sexual miscreant’ was promoted to Government.

And she has spoken of her sadness at the resignation of colleagues from government.

She is remaining tight lipped on whether she supported Boris Johnson in the recent no confidence vote, as she is one of seven MPs investigating whether he lied to the Commons over Partygate.

“The Chris Pincher issue is not part of our inquiry and I will comment,” she said.  “I am appalled that a known sexual miscreant was promoted to Government.

“Particularly, given the work I have done tackling sexual violence which is one of my priorities in Parliament and is work of which I am particularly proud.”

Commenting on the raft of resignations prompted by the Pincher affair,  she said it is ‘truly sad’ to see good colleagues, whom she ‘respects deeply’, leaving the government.