Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Liberal Democrats win control of West Berkshire Council

The Lib Dems have taken control of West Berkshire council.

A trimphant cheer went up at the count at Newbury Racecourse as they passed the majority number of 22 councillors.

Earlier, Tory council leader Lynne Doherty lost her seat, marking a collapse in the Conservative vote which she blamed on the national party’s actions over the past 18 months.

It marks an end to 18 years of Conservative rule in West Berkshire.

A grinning Lib Dem leader Lee Dillon pledged “a lot of change” as the yard stick was passed.

“We will bring back football to Faraday Road and work with the Newbury Community Football Club to bring back football to that site,” he said. “Lots of changes on the way and that is what people voted for.”

The make up of the council is now:

Liberal Democrats: 29

Conservative: 11

Labour:  1

Green:  2