Friday, June 14, 2024
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Let’s Talk About … Shirley Williams

LISTEN LIVE tonight, Thursday 22nd April, at 7pm:
TONIGHT at 7pm, Judith Bunting is back with a very special show on Kennet Radio – an archive recording of of the interview with Shirley, Baroness Williams of Crosby recorded back in 2013, when Shirley came to visit Newbury .
83 years old at the time, Shirley was as brilliant and forthright as ever.
Brimming with the good humour, generosity of spirit and the determination to make the world a better place that made her such a popular national figure, Shirley Williams tells brilliant anecdotes from the fifties and sixties, like how to handle a student riot and training with 4-minute-miler, Roger Bannister, and she doesn’t duck difficult issues, like the problems of being in Coalition and the rights and wrongs of political lobbying.
An all-time hero for many people in Newbury and Thatcham. Recorded live at New Greenham Arts.
Please join us and LISTEN LIVE tonight, Thursday 22nd April, at 7pm: