Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Get fit and have fun through local football

Whether it’s through playing rugby or going on a run, exercise benefits the human body and mind in all sorts of ways.

For instance, regular exercise has been long associated with leaving us feeling good both mentally and physically while also helping us emotionally too. One such sport that can provide those exact benefits is football.


England’s Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy wasn’t entirely negative. Gareth Southgate’s side did remarkably well to even reach the final given the past failures of the national team, while it also captivated the nation and left fans wanting to kick a ball around and get playing the beautiful game once again. Away from having a football bet on the Premier League action and tuning into Match of the Day on a Saturday evening, people are enjoying the benefits of playing the game on a Saturday and Sunday morning and are even partaking in the odd five-a-side match during the week, too.


If you’re reading this with achy limbs and you fear that you’re past your best, it shouldn’t put you off either. There is even walking football which will suit your ability and fitness levels perfectly and enable you to ease your way back into the sport. After all, it’s a sport that can provide so many benefits to an individual and, on the whole, it’s easily accessible and can be enjoyed in the local area. Below is a look at the numerous benefits playing football provides and why you should start channelling your inner Lionel Messi immediately.


It will improve your overall physical and mental health


With any impact sport you can get injured, but the benefits far outweigh the small risk of injury. Overall, playing football with friends or joining a local Saturday team will improve your cardiovascular health dramatically, especially if you can nail down your place in the starting line-up and play the full 90 minutes. Good cardiovascular health will decrease your chances of avoiding illnesses or developing diseases that are associated with bad cardiovascular health.


On top of this, a consistent football session can also increase your muscle and bone strength. With the inevitable weight loss you’ll be experiencing, you can potentially increase your muscle toning
and enable you to therefore feel stronger and fitter. Other aspects that regular football can improve, including the likes of stamina and coordination.



In terms of mental health, kicking a ball around and exercising in the process will help your body to release endorphins which are associated with triggering positive feelings, which essentially allow you to feel refreshed, recharged, and positive, alongside a whole host of other good feelings.



The social aspect


Ability aside, playing football has a great social aspect attached to it also. In fact, many men and women join a local team for that exact reason. The majority of football clubs have social events before and after games, perhaps even meeting up away from the big match days on occasions also. Being part of a local team will allow you to meet local people, potentially make new friends, and immerse yourself further in your local area by being surrounded by like-minded locals who adore the beautiful just as much as you do.


Alongside forming new friendships and enjoying the odd social gathering, joining a football team can help you with your professional life by assisting you when it comes to perfecting your team-building skills as you attempt to get on with your teammates. Playing week in, week out will help you learn about everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, while also making sure squad harmony is in a healthy position.