Friday, April 12, 2024

Sports Hub decision: Council opposition leader responds

Councillor Lee Dillon, leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition on West Berkshire Council, has responded to the recent High Court decision concerning the proposed Sports Hub at Monks Lane, Newbury.

Councillor Dillon said:

“We are pleased that the issue has now been reduced to a defensive legal position as to whether the Sports Hub is a replacement or not.

Given that it isn’t a replacement, spending £10m on just one site is a massive waste of taxpayers money. We could provide nearly all the pitches required in West Berkshire for the cost of just this one.

The vitriolic response from the Council’s administration shows that they don’t respect their own residents and their legal rights.

Given that the judge accepted this wasn’t a frivolous submission and that the planning documents could have been clearer, I would have hoped for some reflection rather than gloating from the Leader and other Adminstration Councillors.”