Saturday, June 22, 2024

Friday Social Tonight, 8pm with Claire Burdett – Trend Spotting for 2018.

Tonight, Friday 19th January at 8pm We’re doing a bit of trend-spotting for the first show of the year, and with six guests we’ve got a lot of scope to take a 360° sweep across what is likely to happen in 2018 and how it will affect us both nationally and here locally in West Berkshire.

So topics we have on the agenda include tech, finance, human rights, the political landscape, business trends (small and large), lifestyle planning, wellbeing, happiness, #selfcare and mental health issues, style and fashion trends. We’ll also be talking about events, since Valentine’s day is on the horizon, and looking at trends in weddings, including THAT wedding later this year, given we have a stylist AND a florist in the studio.

Our Guests

Sinead Hall is a qualified lawyer currently specialising in an in-house role for a large global integrated power company. She leads their EMEA Ethics and Compliance function and is also a specialist in employment, privacy and human rights law. In her spare time she’s a mum of three, the Chair of Governors of a local primary school, and sings in Newbury Choral Society and a local folk duo band. She is about to adopt a puppy called Cello (keeping in with the music theme) from a rehoming charity in Greece.

Victoria Lochhead is a trained personal stylist whose business Frankie & Ruby helps women rediscover who they are and how they can reflect that in their clothes choices, making them look and feel truly marvellous. Victoria also loves a browse around charity shops and regularly takes clients with her on these trips. After a year of not buying any new clothes, Victoria wrote a book in the Jumble (available o Amazon), which shares her hints and tips for finding, buying and wearing treasure from charity shops. Victoria also runs a dress agency, is a keen if rather useless gardener, and is often spotted chasing after her two dogs in the Berkshire countryside.

Lindsey Kitchin is an event florist who runs The White Horse Flower Company. Working from her studio in Newbury, she arranges flowers for weddings, funerals and events and also runs 1 to 1 and group workshops in all aspects of flower arranging from bouquets to wreath creation. Her flowers are most recognisable for their loose, wild seasonally-inspired style. Her Instagram feed is a total inspiration.

Chris Stewart is a mental health advocate who has worked extensively in addiction treatment in West Berkshire. He has been the guest expert on BBC Breakfast News and national and regional radio providing insight in to alcoholism. After three years in the Caribbean setting up a wellbeing clinic, he is now working with the team on Hungerford and Marlborough Townsites, which are innovative hyper-local digital advertising solutions for local businesses.

Martin Dibble is a senior systems administrator working for one of the country’s biggest business ISPs. He has over 17 years’ experience working in the tech industry and keeping up with the latest tech developments and trends is key to his role. As with most computer engineers, tech is a big part of his life away from work, from gaming to a tech-enabled smart home. Outside of the tech world he enjoys an active lifestyle including lots of cycling and trying out many unusual hobbies such as kite flying, juggling, and disc golf.

Jessamy Walker is a Lifestyle Financial Planner who runs Brown Dog Financial Planning. For her, your lifestyle is the cornerstone of what you do with your money. No one wants to face her changes in their financial situation and she aims to help her clients plan for big life events and to understand how the decisions they make now can impact their lives in 10, or 20 or even 30 years times. Follow her on Twitter for tips and hints to help you get the most out of your money.

Jessamy grew up in Kenya, where her brother now runs a safari business, and she still has a hankering for the wide African skies, which she indulges as often as she can. Brown Dog Financial Planning is named after Bramble, Jessamy’s brown dog (see what she did there) because as Jessamy says … “I have a little brown dog to support so I have to have a plan”