Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Extra outdoor seating for local pubs, cafés and restaurants

The rule book has been torn up to allow local pubs, cafés and restaurants to put out extra outdoor seating when they re-open on July 4th.

West Berkshire Council is allowing hospitality businesses to have a three month café pavement licence. This means eateries and drinking places can set out chairs and tables on the pavement – without having to apply straight away for planning permission.

When local eating and dining places open on July 4th, there will still need to be strict social distancing. So, they’ll need extra tables and seats outside, to allow more room for customers and staff to move around safely.

The three month licence will only be issued provided that highways and insurance matters are covered. Once this period has expired, a full licence will be issued if planning approval is obtained.

You can read full guidance on the latest Coronavirus guidelines here on the Government’s website:

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