Thursday, July 25, 2024

Election ’23 Statement – Simon Kirby, Independent

Simon Kirby is standing as an Independent Candidate for West Berkshire Council in Newbury Wash Common. He is also standing for Newbury (Wash Common) ward for Newbury Town Council.

He says:

“Without a political party to tell me what to think and say I’m free to support good ideas wherever they come from, and oppose bad ideas without fear or favour.

The district council needs to see that we get the country park at Sandleford that we were promised, and it should concentrate more on providing public services and less on speculative property development such as the London Road Industrial Estate. 

A modest range of parish services is the town council’s priority. The lack of consultation on changes to Blossom’s Field, the secret plans to starve the swans off the canal, and the 12-year failure to build a cafe in Victoria park all speak of a council that’s lost its way. As your councillor I’ll be demanding better.”