Monday, May 27, 2024

Election ’23 statement – Heritage party

Former 2005 general election UKIP candidate David McMahon is standing in the Newbury Clayhill ward in the forthcoming local council elections in West Berkshire in May.

He now represents The Heritage Party – Traditional and Family Values – a new party which seeks to retain “our country’s traditions, family values and personal liberties”.

“The United Kingdom is a great country and has a rich tradition of liberty, democracy, fairness and enterprise, based on our Christian roots,” says Mr McMahon.

“But so many parts of our society are under attack by subversive ideologies in the guise of ‘political correctness’. These seriously affect our schools, families, the police and other institutions.

“For the sake of our society, we must hold on to our hard-fought-for heritage and push back against these ideologies.”

David’s main concerns are around schools and family.

“I believe that, by far, the best environment for children to thrive and become useful members of society is in a family with a married man and woman as parents,” he adds.

“I know that, unfortunately, this cannot always be possible.  A strong, male role-model is important, particularly for boys. For the sake of civilisation, the family must be preserved at all costs.”

In schools he says the content of the National Curriculum has been “negatively influenced by questionable advisors”.

“Children are being taught unnecessarily graphic detail under the guise of sex education,” he says.

“This, along with damaging gender ideology is poisoning their young and impressionable minds. As a result, our children are being sexualised, resulting in the loss of their innocence.

“One issue that does concern me is the hold that Ofsted has on schools. I attended John Rankin School and recently contacted the head there to give my support to her brave stand. I am very opposed to school league tables and intensive inspection regimes.”

He says to really benefit the people of West Berkshire, he would be encouraging unity across the political spectrum, in the interests of the population rather than squabbling for political gain.

This caustic partisanship at the local level, does nothing to benefit, but everything to put people off politics.

Mr McMahon is active in the Clay Hill community helping to run youth and table tennis clubs at the Riverside Community Centre on Curling Way. 

He is a Christian, believing strongly in the dignity of every human being and that every life, including the elderly and the unborn child, is infinitely precious.