Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Bows for Battens – a local good cause

On our Saturday Chatterday programme on December 12th, Ali talked with Nicole Gallaugher from Bows for Battens.

Nicole is running a campaign to raise enough funds for Great Ormond Street to provide treatment that will preserve the eyesight of the Battens CLN2 children in the UK. Battens Disease is a rare genetic disease that causes immobility, dementia, blindness and early death.

Nicole has been motivated to raise funds after her best friend’s daughter, Addy, was afflicted with the disease.
Nicole told Ali that there is a new treatment which may be able preserve Addy’s eyesight. Great Ormond Street hospital have told Nicole and Addy’s parents that they may be able to provide this treatment to Addy and the other Battens disease sufferers in the UK, if sufficient funds are raised.
So that is why Nicole is asking people to buy Bows for Battens to fund the treatment. These are orange bows which fit on the front grill or bumper of your car. Amanda from Best Buds Florist is providing the bows for Nicole’s campaign.
You can find out more about Bows for Battens on their Facebook page.
You can contact Nicole Gallagher on [email protected]
You can purchase Bows for Battens at these locations in Thatcham:
Best Buds Florist
Cook and Butcher
Sweet Imagination
SAZIM – the South African shop
The White Hart pub
– And in Newbury at the Ugly Duckling pottery painting coffee shop.