Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Wildflower beds planted in Stroud Green, Newbury

West Berkshire Council has created a series of wildflower beds along the western edge of Stroud Green, Newbury.

Signs by the beds say that the council “are creating biodiverse spaces, wildflowers growing here” and bear the log of a company called “Wildflower Turf”.

As can be seen in our photo, the seedlings are starting to show in the beds.

The Mayor of Newbury, Billy Drummond, who is a councillor for Greenham Ward, told us:

The wildflower beds are going to be really spectacular when they come up. I’m really looking forward to that – a bit of spring colour.

There are a number of other planting initiatives happening on Stroud Green.

Greenham Greener Group organised a very well attended bulb planting session on October 2nd.

On November 6th and 7th, Newbury Friends of the Earth are organising a sapling planting event as part of the “Lockdown Wood” project. Details are here.

And there will be a tree planting event on Stroud Green on November 27th.