Friday, June 14, 2024
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Watch Newbury’s Christmas Lights switch-on

Last night, Newbury’s Mayor, Councillor Elizabeth O’Keefe, officially switched on Newbury’s Christmas Lights. This year’s switch-on was rather different to previous years, but none-the-less an exciting event, celebrating the best of Newbury.

You can watch the switch-on below, in a video produced by Visit Newbury and displayed on their Facebook page.

The video includes singing and dancing from Newbury people of all ages.[0]=AZXwtLobxzmgyFdFA1nRRq_iDMbu8iSE4LaNYuwhARiqFOtP2GI2tPfeKHrvfq8VUNxFBQHahWtmPg0idrfs7ZI_j-mdU3E7c8coFfk7TtES6n47SN-tTQRd8y4_bH2sBZNVVlm_FPDMqzFnULQZq9WYOZMVggkUqlDRFxJ9CCPbFg&__tn__=%2CO-R


Christmas tinsel image above is by Beatnik Photos Flickr CCL