Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Kennet Radio Quiz Night – Thursday at 7pm!

Why not join in the fun of the Kennet Radio Quiz Night this Thursday at 7pm?

From the comfort of your armchair you use the app to answer the questions and stand a chance of winning a prize!

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – Register:

To be in with a chance of winning the prize, register for the next quiz. You don’t have to register to play, but you won’t be able to win the prize!

Register now for FREE at https://djnickburrett.quizbooking.co.uk

Step 2 – Download:

Download the QUIZAPPIC app to your smartphone or tablet, this is how you’ll answer the quiz questions.

Apple Store – Quizappic

Android Store – Quizappic

Step 3 – Play:

On quiz night, tune in to Kennet Radio on 106.7 in Newbury and Thatcham. Alternatively join our Zoom room using your computer, smartphone or tablet (details will be sent after registration).

What’s in the quiz?

General knowledge, pictures and music plus a couple of musical breaks to refresh yourself and grab a beverage.

How do I play?

Multiple Choice: Just tap A, B, C, D, E or F.

Numbers: Tap the number then press the tick button.

Letters: Tap the first letter of the answer.

To answer Donald Trump, tap D for Donald.

To answer Paris, tap P for Paris.

To answer The Lion King, tap L for Lion (we ignore the word THE).

How do I win?

Simply accumulate the most points by the end of the quiz to win the prize.