Friday, June 14, 2024

Thatcham store reserves first hour for seniors and the vulnerable

The Waitrose store in Thatcham opened its doors at 8:00 am this morning to seniors and vulnerable people only.  Yesterday, John Lewis partners announced it would follow the other major retailers in providing shopping hours specifically for the most vulnerable.

Across West Berkshire, supermarket shelves have been bare meaning that seniors and vulnerable members of the community have been unable to buy many basic commodities that we take for granted such as pasta, tinned vegetables, disinfectant, cleaning wipes, eggs, potatoes, bread, rice and toilet roll. 

Sharon White, Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, said; “At this time of national crisis, the John Lewis Partnership is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring we support customers and in particular the elderly and most vulnerable. Our commitment to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we operate in has always been at the heart of our business.”

“Partners have been outstanding, supporting each other and responding to the huge surge in demand at Waitrose. More than 2,100 John Lewis Partners are helping in Waitrose shops this month and supporting deliveries; I am truly grateful to everyone.”

There was a good response on the first day of these measures with queues forming from 7:30 in the morning however, many early bird customers who Kennet Radio spoke with on leaving said that they were disappointed by the lack of stock and bare shelves.

Senior and vulnerable shoppers give their verdict on special Waitrose opening hours
A lone shopper looks with sadness at bare shelf

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