Saturday, June 22, 2024

West Berkshire seat nominations confirmed for General Election

West Berkshire Council has published the official lists of General Election candidates in our local seats.

The candidates listed to fight the Newbury seat are, in alphabetical order:

Liz Bell – for the Labour party

Lee Dillon – for the Liberal Democrats

Laura Farris –for the Conservative party.  

Earl Jesse – for the Freedom Alliance.  

Gary Johnson – for the UK Independence Party.

Steve Masters – for the Green party.  

Douglas Terry for Reform UK.


The general election in the new constituency seat of Reading West and Mid Berkshire will be fought between seven candidates.

They are in alphabetical order:

Adrian Abbs, Independent

Olivia Bailey for the Labour party

Helen Belcher for the Liberal Democrats

Kathrin Bosely for Reform UK

Carolyne Culver for the Green party.  

Ross MacKinnon for the Conservative party

Adie Peppiatt, Independent.

As we receive the information, there will be full details and interviews with the candidates here on our website.