Social media hubs for local support

The West Berkshire Community Support hub is the place to go if you need help during the lockdown. Their number is 01635 503579.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that there are a number of local community co-support hubs on social media. Here is a partial list with links so that you can click through to the appropriate social media page. Some of these require you to apply for membership in order to read the full social media page:

Community Matters – West Fields (Newbury) 

Still open for business West Berkshire

Greenham Community

Stroud Green & East Fields community, Newbury

Wash Common & Falkland Community, Newbury

Newbury & Thatcham Community Network

Clayhill & Turnpike Community, Newbury

Hungerford Noticeboard

St John’s and West Fields Community, Newbury

Cold Ash & Ashmore Green community

West Berkshire Villagers

Speen Community

Shaw-cum-Donnington Community

Curridge Village Community

North Thatcham Community

Central Thatcham Community

Colthrop & Crookham Community

West Berkshire Community Corona Virus Support 

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