Saturday, June 22, 2024

Reform UK candidate in Newbury

Our Democracy Reporter, Niki Hinman, has invited all the candidates in the Newbury and Reading West & Mid Berkshire to answer her questions. We will be publishing the candidates responses as they are received.

Doug Terry, 62, is an accountant. He is representing the Reform UK party in the Newbury election.

He spoke to our local democracy reporter Niki Hinman.

1:   What made you run for office?

A belief that we are being failed by the current two-party system.

A belief that a successful democracy needs representatives to put their constituents first and that we should have more MPs with wider life experience than career politicians.

Local / UK first. Globalists back of the queue.

There is an alternative to high taxes / big government and we need to drastically reduce the state by making it work properly. Civil servants back in offices. Cut the waste, QANGOs etc.

2:  Do you have family/partner and what do they think of you running for Parliament?

My partner is fully supportive and helping the campaign.

3:  When did your interest in politics take hold?

Many years ago I was involved in student politics but remained distantly interested until the insanity and lies surrounding lockdown during the Covid non-emergency.

4: Why do you think people will vote for you/your party?

Because Reform UK best represents the interests of British citizens and has the best chance of putting the Great back in Britain. Both Labour and Conservative are detached from the interests of ordinary people. Lib Dem is irrelevant. I believe Reform UK has wide and growing support and I hope that will translate into a substantial vote and significant  representation in Parliament now or in the near future.

5:  Beating the campaign trail means you are speaking to people on the doorstep.  What are they saying to you?

A mix of local concerns – eg cost of living, potholes etc but a sense that the country is careering out of control.

6:  You are representing a minority party – what does a vote for you mean?

A vote for Reform sends a message that the drift towards global socialism needs to stop.