Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Police and Crime Commissioner election results

Conservative Matthew Barber has been re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley. However, his majority over Labour was hugely reduced from 79,702 (including re-allocated preferences) in 2021 to just 2,343.

The overall result of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner election, held on Thursday 2nd May, was as follows:

conservative icon BARBER Matthew David144,092 Elected
liberal democrats icon BEARDER Tim84,341
independant icon FOWLER Russell Douglas31,460
independant icon HOLDEN-CROWTHER Ben46,853
labour icon STARKEY Tim141,749
Want of an official mark2
Voting for more than one candidate896
Writing or mark by which the voter can be identified9
Void for uncertainty3,628

The result for West Berkshire was as follows:

West Berkshire

conservative icon BARBER Matthew David9,362
liberal democrats icon BEARDER Tim4,767
independant icon FOWLER Russell Douglas1,642
independant icon HOLDEN-CROWTHER Ben2,704
labour icon STARKEY Tim5,276
Want of an official mark0
Voting for more than one candidate53
Writing or mark by which the voter can be identified1
Void for uncertainty105