Saturday, July 20, 2024

PODCAST: Election debate at Saint Bartholomew’s School

Please click on the white arrow above to listen to a special general election hustings debate which took place on Wednesday June 26th at Saint Bartholomew’s school in Newbury.

You’ll hear from the candidates for the Newbury constituency on July 4th. The debate was held in front of an audience of students who asked the questions. After the debate, you’ll hear from students giving their views on the answers from the politicians.

All the candidates were invited to the event, and all but one attended.

The candidates for Newbury constituency at the general election are, in alphabetical order:

Liz Bell – for the Labour party

Lee Dillon – for the Liberal Democrats

Laura Farris –for the Conservative party.  

Earl Jesse – for the Freedom Alliance.  

Gary Johnson – for the UK Independence Party.

Steve Masters – for the Green party.  

Doug Terry for Reform UK.

The chair of the debate was the Deputy Head of the Sixth Form at Saint Bartholomew’s school, James Wilder.

Please click on the white arrow at the top of this page to listen to the full debate.