Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Newbury Town Council by-election winner talks to Kennet Radio

The Newbury Town Council by-election in Clay Hill ward, held last Thursday 6th May, has been won by Liberal Democrat Stuart Gourley.

The result was:

CAWLEY, Edward Mark Green Party Candidate 269
DICK, Paul Gerard Conservative Party Candidate 656
GOURLEY, Stuart William Liberal Democrats 705 Elected
MCDOUGALL, Lee Charles Labour Party 111

Rejected ballot papers: 14.

The election was held due to the disqualification of Conservative Town Councillor Jeffrey Cant due to non-attendance at the requisite number of meetings.

After the result was declared, victorious Councillor Stuart Gourley (pictured above with some members of his team) spoke to Kennet Radio:

It was great to be able to get out and hear from residents of Clay Hill over the campaign, and thank you for the warm welcome.
This result is a result for someone who lives in Newbury, who cares about Newbury, our town and our community. 
It’s a result for making Newbury a greener, more caring and compassionate place.
It’s a result to send a message, a message that residents want change, a message that residents want to be listened to and heard.
The result is a validation of the great work that the Liberal Democrat lead Newbury Town Council have been doing, and will continue to do in behalf of residents.
Its important to remember that this seat was a seat for the Conservative to defend, and they didn’t. This is a Conservative loss, and a gain for the residents of Clay Hill, Newbury and the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives are now all but extinct in Newbury, and can’t claim to talk for Newbury.