Saturday, July 20, 2024

Freedom Alliance candidate for Newbury

Earl Jesse, 47, is standing in Newbury for Freedom Alliance.

1: What made you run for office?

Absolutely fed up with our Government and MPs not working in the interests of our people. The majority of them are loyal and funded by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos, WHO, UN, etc. They are meant to be servants of the public, however, most do not care about any of us.

2: Do you have family/partner and what do they think of you running for Parliament?

Yes – they love it!

3: When did your interest in politics take hold?

About two years ago after I broke through decades of orchestrated brain washing that turned me against anything that even had the scent of politics.

After I dealt with my own cognitive dissonance I then realised that if you don’t do politics, politics will do you!

Politics has found its way in to all major aspects of our lives, which, in my personal opinion, it should not be that involved and entwined. Hence why I am standing in my local area.

4: Why do you think people will vote for you/your party?

Because we are the real alternative. We speak the truth, regardless if you wish to hear it or not, regardless if you like it or not. We are a small neo-tribe of individuals who all were shunned and crushed by the lock-up back in 2020. We know we can do better than what’s being done right now, because quite frankly its a s***show of a circus that’s being manipulated from outside of our government and country. We have to start small, local and together.

5: Beating the campaign trail means you are speaking to people on the doorstep. What are they saying to you?

That I am refreshing, honest, speak from the heart, passionate and actually understand what it is like to live in the real world,

6: You are representing a minority party – what does a vote for you mean?

Nothing at all. Most of my life I have started at the bottom rung, been pushed down and ignored only to rise to the top of my game in nearly everything I put my heart and soul into.

The Freedom Alliance are true fighters for freedom, transparency, minimal control of centralised power/government, defend local and small businesses and we are built to protect our home territory.

We, at the Freedom Alliance, are looking for all those non-voters (and those who now feel politically homeless) to make a stand and be counted. This is your time to be part of the changes you wish to see in your local areas.

If you vote for the uni-party candidates, which is basically four cheeks of the same backside, then you will see another four years of even more rights removed and less infrastructure finances spent in Newbury/Hungerford/etc, less support, less help all round on your own soil. This is your home, make a stand and vote for Earl Jesse on the 4th July for real positive changes!