Sunday, April 21, 2024

Brand new link road for South-East Newbury in January 2024

Photo above: the new part of Hectors Way, Newbury pictured this month.

A brand new road will be unveiled in Newbury early next year.

The new highway linking Hambridge road with Hectors Way (next to Sainsburys) is designed to free up two narrow residential streets from constant traffic. Mill Lane will have reduced traffic and Kings Road one-way section will be made free from through traffic if residents agree.

It’s all the result of 40 years of council planning and the completion of major changes such as the building of Sainsburys, the new Boundary road railway bridge and the redevelopment of the old Sterling Cables estate.

Jon Winstanley is Services Director for the Environment at West Berkshire Council. Click on the arrow below to hear him explaining (to Kennet Radio’s Paul) how the final picture for South-East Newbury will look. This interview concerns Hambridge Road, Kings Road, Boundary Road and Hectors Way (which is currently next to Sainsburys).