Friday, April 12, 2024

Boris Johnson locks down Britain

Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown of the UK due to the “national emergency” banning people from leaving their homes or meeting in groups of more than two people as the Government scrambles to enforce social distancing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In a public address to the nation this evening, the Prime Minister said the public will not be allowed to leave their homes except for a few specific reasons.

Under the new lockdown, members of the public must not leave their house except to :

  • Shop for essentials, as infrequently as possible
  • Exercise outdoors once per day, alone or with household members
  • Receive medical treatment or provide care or travel to and from work if impossible to work from home

All non-essential shops will close, as will outdoor gyms, kiosks and places of worship, except for funerals.

The unprecedented measures were prompted by fears in Downing Street that its coronavirus suppression measures have been ignored by the public.  Yesterday, people were visiting elderly parents on Mothering Sunday and going to the beach and parks as if the coronavirus was some kind of bank holiday. 

The decision to take such “draconian” measures was also based on modelling that suggests at least three quarters of people must follow them for the NHS to be sustainable.

The full details of the Prime Minister’s announcement can be found at the website.

Stephen West

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