Monday, May 27, 2024
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Are you interested in Newbury’s history and buildings?

Newbury Town Council are looking for volunteers to get involved with cherishing and celebrating Newbury’s history and buildings.

The Heritage Working Group of Newbury Town Council is the active conservation group for the built and historic heritage of Newbury Town Council.  In recent years they have erected 12 blue plaques, which commemorate notable historical figures, events, and buildings in Newbury.

They also take a keen interest in Newbury’s historic buildings and have carbon-dated six historic buildings, mostly to dates much earlier than previously thought. They have promoted the local listing of nine historic assets through the West Berkshire local listing process, corrected the listing particulars of several nationally listed buildings, and made representations on listed buildings at risk.

They work closely with the West Berkshire Council Heritage Service and the West Berkshire Heritage Forum, which support our activities. They expect to be involved in the current programme to prepare Conservation Area Appraisals for the Newbury Conservation Areas.  The Town Council provides a budget for their work.

The Heritage Working Group consists of members of the Town Council and local historians and volunteers.  Because of a recent retirement they are currently under-resourced, and they need to fill this vacancy if they are to continue our programme.  The only qualification for membership is an interest in local history and heritage.  Membership will enable you to influence the activities and priorities of the Working Group, and to make your own suggestions. The Working Group currently meets three times a year.

If you are interested in volunteering to join the group and wish to enquire further, please contact Darius Zarazel at Newbury Town Council by email [email protected] or call on 01635 780210.