Friday, June 14, 2024

Residents’ anger about Stroud Green mast plans

Stroud Green residents are furious that two 11 metre telecom masts are to go up on one of the only “unspoilt green spaces” in Newbury.
Two small notices from British Telecom pegged into the grass warns that West Berkshire Council will be notified.
But residents surrounding the green are up in arms.
“We’ve lived here for 22 years, and we’ve tried to keep the green as natural as possible,” said Tracie Taylor of Greenham Road. “Sticking a massive couple of masts there will be a total eyesore.”
She said she’d much rather have better views than better internet, adding that the area was one of the few unspoilt green spaces left in Newbury.
“I don’t think having two massive poles is going to solve any problems is it?” she said, adding: “On the sign it says you can give your view, but it looks like a done deal doesn’t it?”
Telecommunications masts can be put up under general permitted development.
The sign, a printed and laminated sheet of A4, includes an email address for people to object to the pole. It is: [email protected].