Saturday, June 22, 2024

Rail from Newbury is going Electric with 9 months of staggered closures.

Great Western Railway (GWR) has announced a series of line closures from Westbury to Theale. The closures (listed below) dictate the course of 9 months disruption to a vital service for the town.

GWR said (via their website):

Next year promises to be a very important one for train travel, as we deliver greater capacity and improved reliability across our network.

Brand new Intercity Express Trains, plus the electrification of the route between Reading and Newbury, mean journeys will be quicker and seating capacity will be increased.

Currently scheduled station closures:

• Monday 12 to Thursday 15 March

• Monday 23 to Thursday 26 April

• Monday 14 to Thursday 17 May

• Monday 4 to Thursday 7 June

• Monday 9 to Thursday 12 July

• Monday 16 July to Sunday 5 August

• Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 August

• Monday 8 to Thursday 11 October

• Monday 19 to Thursday 22 November

These dates are subject to change and you should check the GWR website for the most up to date information. Further information about travel replacement can be found here.