Thursday, July 25, 2024

New proposal for Kennet Centre

A formal application to redevelop the Kennet Centre has again been put forward to West Berkshire Council.

Plans initially were for eleven storey blocks of flats to be built, which conservationists said would ruin Newbury’s historic character.

New plans see that reduced to a maximum of eight stories.

Lochialort withdrew an appeal follwing a decision by West Berkshire Council (WBC) to reject the third set of plans, which were described as “turning Newbury into Basingstoke” by objectors.

The developer Lochialort has now set up a public display in the Kennet Centre.

“The application has been submitted and is now live, and the public consultation in the Mall will be up until a decision is made,” said Lochialort planning director Sarah Ballantyne-Way.

“People can visit the exhibition and leave feedback that we will collate and consider as the application progresses. We will also hold a manned event – we’ll advertise this in the local press and around the site.”

Lochailort had previously submitted two planning applications and both had been refused by West Berkshire Council as they went against local planning policies.

The new proposals will now go through the planning process at West Berkshire Council before decisions are made.