Saturday, June 22, 2024

Local Lib Dems win the Thatcham West By-Election

Local Liberal Democrats Jeff Brooks and David Lister have been duly elected to the Thatcham West seats for West Berkshire District and Thatcham Town Council late last night.

A 34.3% turnout or 1702 votes for the District seat which saw Jeff Brooks take the majority of the votes with 820 in total to become the elected member for West Berkshire District Council. Full election count details can be found below.

The Thatcham Town Council seat saw slightly less of a turnout with 34.2% or 1693 votes. David Lister was elected to the Town Council seat with a total vote count of 786. Full election count details can be found below.

Full Election Results (in alphabetical order)

West Berkshire District Council

Turn out: 34.3% (1702 voters / 4957 eligible to vote)

Liberal Democrats, Jeffrey BROOKS – 820
Labour Party, Louise COULSON – 130
Conservative Party, Ellen CRUMLY – 523
Green Party, Jane LIVERMORE – 130.

Thatcham Town Council

Turn out: 34.2% (1693 voters / 4957 eligible to vote)

Labour Party, Louise COULSON – 134
Liberal Democrats, David LISTER – 786
Green Party, Jane LIVERMORE – 149
Conservative, Stephen WALKER – 527