Thursday, July 25, 2024

Extra dog bins for Greenham Common

Extra dog waste bins are being put in on Greenham Common – to meet demand.

Locals have been lobbying the parish council to sort the problem out, saying there are not enough bins, and the ones that are there are always overflowing.

Julian Swift-Hook the vice chair of Greenham Parish Council said:  “As you know, Greenham Common is a dog walkers’ paradise.  But when people walk dogs there is an output that needs dealing with. Not all dog walkers are as responsible as they could be and there are not enough bins around.

“They get filled up very quickly, and what we have had to do at the parish council is invest in more dog bins which we are putting at various locations and arranging for them to be emptied so we can ensure the area is kept as clean as possible.” 

The new dog waste bins are in the process of being installed.