Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Election ’23 launch statement – Independent

John Gotelee is standing as an independent candidate in Clay Hill.

He said: “My main aim is to protect people’s environment in the area they live.

“Local politics is about local people and in my opinion one size fits all policies from the major parties just don’t work.

“Clay Hill has been forgotten by the Tories other than a place to dump people into converted offices which masquerade as flats.

“However I am actually being more green than the Greens even.

“I am doing a maximum of two A4 leaflet drops which direct people to my website www.independent-clayhill.co.uk where they can find out loads about me and my views.”

His manifesto pledges to fix the potholes.

“I really think the contract between West Berks Council and Volker Highways needs looking at. Work is slow and often has to be redone.”

He also wants football back at Faraday Road, and doesn’t agree that land at Manor Park is good for another planned pitch.

He also says Clay Hill has been ignored by the Tories currently in control, who live in surrounding villages and he says try to keep development away from them.

“My view is pushing people into rabbit hutch-style flats which are just converted offices is not the way to go.

“One key point is that if elected I will donate each and every month £100 to the food bank.”

For the names of the other candidates in Clay Hill ward, please click on kennetradio.com/election