Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A Night of Madness

As settings go, Englefield Park with the great house situated in the background rates as one of the best in the local area.

Suggs & the Nutty boys came out onto the stage to witness a sea of fez’s & porkpie hats, as fans crowded into Englefield Park on Friday night.

They kicked off the 2 hour set with One Step Beyond, following it up with some more classic tracks from a back-catalogue that would shame many a group. The energy was high with people of all ages doing the Nutty boy stomp.

Suggs was on fine form, making various references to the big house in front of which they were playing “tell someone they’ve left the upstairs lights on!” Name checking the ice cream man as well as doing birthday requests.

Embarrassment, House of Fun, Our House all sounded excellent in the balmy evening in Berkshire, with the group sounding as good as they did back in the day. Mr Apples put in an appearance towards the end of their set, which also went down well with the mixed crowd.

They returned with an encore of Night Boat to Cairo which got the crowd up and dancing in full force.

All in all a great evening of live music in a wonderful setting.

(Copy Credit: Steve Prout)