Mobile, Google, Alexa or Echo

It’s simple to listen to Kennet Radio

You can listen to Kennet Radio on a whole range of connected devices, not just on your FM radio.


Listen on your Google Home

Just say “Play Kennet Radio“. 

Say it carefully and deliberately – make sure that “Kennet” and “Radio” are two distinct words.


Listen on your Amazon Alexa or Echo

Just say “Play Kennet Radio 106.7” (“Play Kennet Radio one oh six point seven”). 

Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t seem to recognise “Kennet Radio” on its own.


Listen on your mobile

Just download the Kennet Radio app from your favourite app store! 

Follow the link for your device below.



For Apple iPhone/iPad users, click on this link:


For Android phone/tablet users, click on this link:


For Blackberry users, click on this link:


Note:  Listening to Kennet Radio on a smartphone will use data – either wifi data (if you are connected to wifi) or data from your mobile data allowance.

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