Looking forward to local pubs and restaurants re-opening on Saturday?

Guidance is being offered for those planning to visit West Berkshire pubs and restaurants after they re-open on Saturday.

The Visit Newbury website is letting punters know what to expect.

Staff at West Berkshire’s hostelries have been working hard to prepare for the big day.

But customers will need to be prepared for a different experience than usual.

Planning will be key. Some pubs will be operating a bookings system, particularly at weekends. There may be a time limit on how long you can use a table. You may need to queue for a table to become available. 

They’re be no ordering at the bar. There’ll be ordering via an app or waiter service.

There’ll be extra outdoor seating for you. In most cases, contactless payment will be necessary.

Venues will be obliged to record customers’ contact details to assist with Covid-19 track and trace.

Social distancing will be in place. Toilet visits will be managed. 

Opening hours will be restricted. Some places may opt not to open at all. Live events are off the agenda.

Local operators are asking customers to be patient with staff and each other – there will be zero-tolerance of punters who break the guidelines.

Despite all this, it is hoped that people will enjoy coupling American Independence Day with “Pubs open” day! 

You can read full details on the Visit Newbury website by using the link below:


The photograph above is by Gaby on Flickr via Creative Commons Licence

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