Record breaking at the West Berks and North Hants Cross Country.

A record breaking 1184 pupils from over 50 schools took part in the West Berks and North Hants Cross Country event this past Tuesday (28th March).

There was a garden party feeling that washed over the Newbury show ground with all the children, teachers and parents sat on their ground sheets waiting for the action to happen. Some pupils were training, some were eating their lunch, all were preparing themselves for the challenge ahead. The challenge in question was a cross country course of approx 1 mile over a twisting, turning and sometimes uphill course. There were 4 heats of approx 150 pupils each which split into age and boy/girl groups. Each start was an amazing sight to see with so many children running towards the assembled press. After a short straight they turned right following the pace makers up the hill before turning right once again, after another right they were on the home straight towards the finish which is where the field started to spread out. Finally there was a furious race for the leading runners as they sped to the finish line.

Steve Prout from Kennet Radio Saturday Sport had the opportunity to speak with the main sponsor of the event – Ian Purvis, Porterfield PR

Steve said

I was very honoured to be asked to present 3 trophies to some of the winners, my thanks go out to Nick Bull of Team Kennet who organises the annual event as well as to Ian Purvis from Porterfield PR who is a great supporter of the event. This was the 19th year that the event has taken place, I look forward to being involved in the 20th anniversary next year.

Tony Hiller

Technical and Digital Experience Manager for Kennet Radio.

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