Boys Beating Cancer at the Newbury Showground

The overcast weather did not deter many an enthusiastic runner from taking part in Boys Beating Cancer this past Saturday morning at Newbury Showground, with many people both young and old signing up for the 10, 5k, 1k & 200m toddler dash.

After a high energy warm up the runners lined up on the start line and to a great many cheers from the assembled crowds to begin either their 5k or 10k race.

The finishing times varied as the runners crossed the finish line, with a fair few runners in fancy dress, one runner Steve Prout (Saturday Sport) pspoke to was aged 76, many were running on their birthdays.

A huge congratulations must go out to Anne Skelton and team Skelton who did their best to ensure a very well run event, which hopefully raised a great deal of money for this most worthwhile of causes.

In an earlier show of hands Anne asked those present to raise their hands in reply to who had survived cancer and to those who knew someone who had cancer, it was a sobering sight that so many knew of a cancer sufferer while at the same time seeing those who had survived cancer.

At the end of the day the sun shone through and everyone went away having enjoyed a fun and energetic day.

Tony Hiller

Technical and Digital Experience Manager for Kennet Radio.

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